Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Sarah, so generously, gave Blake and me tickets to the live Tokens show at the Ryman. I had heard it being advertised at church and on Facebook. I never really took the time to see what this "Tokens" business was all about. I heard a few people say they were planning to go. They are fun people. Surely it must be fun if fun people are going. Right? When I saw Sarah comment on Facebook that she had 2 tickets, I thought, "Why not? What else do we have to do on Sunday night? It will be something different for us to try." So, I sent a message telling her I would take them.
Best decision I have made in a LOOOOONG time. It was absolutely phenomenal. Here is the rundown of the guest, taken from the Tokens website:
Our musical guests included Keb' Mo', Cherryholmes, Buddy Greene, Odessa Settles, and The Nashville Choir, all supported by Our Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys, led by Jeff Taylor and featuring Chis Brown, Aubrey Haynie, Byron House, and Pete Huttlinger. Shane Claiborne, author of Economy of Love and Irresistible Revolution, gave us tangible experiences of neighborliness. And our Tokens Radio Players--Greg Lee, Barry McAlister, Merri Collins, and David Fleer, along with special guest Darrell Waltrip
We had a great time. The musicians were spectacular. The skits were HILARIOUS. The interviews were interesting and inspiring. Not to mention that it was my first time at the Ryman! (Yes, I have lived in TN for the better part of my life and, no, I have never been to the Ryman. Pathetic...)
I owe a big ole THANK YOU to Sarah for getting me there! And I would HIGHLY recommend that you make it to the next show. I know I will be there!!!
Praying for safety as we, along with lots of other folks, travel for Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. One huge blessing involves my cousin, Leah, and her husband, Jay. He will be able to leave the hospital and spend time AT HOME for Thanksgiving!!!! What a gift...

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Sarah said...

You are so very welcome and so glad you enjoyed it!!