Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poisonous tongue

We have Community Bible Study on Wednesdays. It has been a HUGE blessing in my life. I think I have said it before, but I am pretty sure Holly's lectures are written for me, personally, every single week. God has gifted her with the ability to share His truth so clearly. I leave each week feeling so full of the Spirit. I have decided it is not fair to keep it to myself and wanted to share a little of what we discussed.

We are studying James right now and this week we focused on the tongue. Talk about conviction. These area few of the points she mentioned with corresponding verses...

1.) Flattery - Proverbs 26:28
2.) Gossip & Slander - 1 Peter 2:1, Proverbs 20:19
3.) Profanity - Colossians 3:8
4.) Grumbling & Complaining - Philippians 2:14-16
5.) Quarrelsome - missed that verse...not because I am not quarrelsome, that is for sure!
6.) Words that tear down - I Thessalonians 5:11
7.) Lewd or Dirty Talk - Mark 7:20-21
8.) The way we say our words - 1 Corinthians 13:5
9.) Taking the Lord's name in vain - Exodus 20:7
10.) Excessive talking - James 1:19-20
11.) Lying - Proverbs 6:18
12.) Boasting & Bragging - Psalms 94:4
13.) Nagging - Proverbs 19:13
14.) Being too lazy. Refusing to speak when we should speak up

None of this is new. But rarely do I think on these things. What an eye-opener today's lesson was for me. I was convicted of several (more like most) of these areas in which my tongue could use some taming. I cannot begin to share the points that went along with the 12 topics above. And why would I even try when you can listen to the lesson yourself! It isn't up just yet but will be soon! It is worth 20ish minutes if you have the time to spare. And the lesson from the 27th on suffering... Oh my goodness, it was one of the most powerful lessons for me. Hard, but powerful. You should listen to that one, too. So good. So helpful. Such a different way to thinking of suffering.

I could be breaking some kind of CBS laws by posting all of this, which is not my intention. I just come home every week thinking I need to share this with everyone I know. So, I am really sitting down and doing it this time! My hope is that it will bless you as much as it has blessed me!

While I am am talking about blessings, my cousin, Leah, and her husband, Jay, could sure use our prayers as he continues his battle with leukemia. Pneumonia was a curveball he could have done without. Will you pray for his healing? I know they would be blessed if you could...


Matt and Shelley said...

will be praying for his recovery with strength and perseverance and no more curve balls! thanks for sharing your message!

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing...I think if you didn't share what is on your heart than THAT would be breaking some laws!! :)