Sunday, November 28, 2010


It was kinda nuts around here today. I left for church at 8:20, by my lonesome. My boys have been snotty and stuffy and runny nosed. Me too. But I have a 2nd grade small group that I teach so I didn't want to miss Sunday School. And I am on the up, so don't think I was spreading a whole bunch of germs!! Got home around 10:15. Helped Blake clean a bit, which made me think he, also, was on the up. Crosby was pretty clear all day. After the little one had lunch, I put him down for a nap. Then I headed back out the door to participate in the "walk through" of my brother's soon-to-be (Tuesday!!!) house. So fun. Very cute. Elated for them!!! Then I stopped by Big Lots to pick candy for a project I have been working on for the Family Christmas breakfast at OCC. Ended up finding a really good deal on Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and Matchbox cars while I was in there. A few gifts for Cros can be marked off the list! With goodies in tow, I headed back to the West Side to attempt a few Christmas card pics for a friends. The good ole cell phone died while in route so I was out of touch with the world. Uh oh. I got to the park for picture time and it was so cold that John Christopher's little nose turned as red as Rudolph's but looked more like a faucet. We got MAYBE one picture that could work... Try again tomorrow?? Got back in the car and headed to Michael's to get a few more things needed for the OCC project. Ended up with an easel, rocking chair (gotta paint it...could be interesting...) and finger paints for little bit. A few more things marked off the list!
AHHHHHH. Time to go back home.

Walked in to hear Mickey's voice coming from the bonus room with a weak sounding "We're up here" from the dad. Uh oh.

Blake: "Did you not get my text???"

Me: " My phone died. Why? Are you feeling bad?"

Blake: "Yea. I have fever...101."

Me: Uh oh.....
Me: "What time did Crosby wake up?"
Blake: "3:15"
(his text from 4:26pm was requesting I hurry home because he was feeling bad. Meanwhile I am leisurely strolling around Micheal's..opps)

I had no sick food to whip up. So, I removed the PJs Crosby had been wearing since last night and put on actual clothing for the first time around 6:00pm. We headed out to get soup for the dad. He requested Gatorade as well but I forgot that. Got the mom and babe fed while hearing the dad upstairs gagging after about bite number 6 of his chicken noodle soup. Not good. Decided it would be best to bathe Crosby and get him in bed so I could run back out to get Gatorade. Did that. Put little one down and headed out the door. Got Gatorade and gasoline for the sliver bullet and headed back home. Delivered the Gatorade to the hubs and heard the babe screaming in his bed. Never fell asleep apparently. Finally got him to bed around 8:45.


I was supposed to be working on projects ALL DAY LONG. Oddly enough, I didn't get started until 9:00pm. And here it is 1:47am and I am blogging about it. Why? I am not sure! How many more days are there in November??? I can't fail now...

I am pretty sure I will be dreaming about this...
or this...
Now. Just a few more things to get done before I call it a day... sigh.


Sarah said...

So sorry about sickness in your home. Please let me know if I can help you in any way!! The decorations look great, though. :)

Jill Fields said...

Ahhh! SuperMom strikes again!