Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pretty boring

It feels like I haven't been on here in ages. What can I say? We are pretty dull most of the time! For example, I have been playing this for the past week...

I have a hard time stopping until I win. That can take a while if you play it correctly. I had been playing Spider Solitaire on the computer and got some of my rules jumbled. Lesley took care of that for me and I have been playing according to her rules ever since!!! Just so you know, I lost that game. But...

I won this one! And finally stopped to type this. As if this is EVEN blog worthy?!!?

Blake has been saving lives as usual. He has probably, gently, ended a few as well. Comes with the job description. He did go on a camping trip with the boys last weekend. He does not take pictures of anything so I have none to share. Chris Miller does. You will have to ask to be his friend on Facebook if you want to see them though!!!

I did break down and get Blake Guitar Hero for our anniversary, against my better judgement. It is something he likes to play but would never get for himself. I got a few action shots...

He will kill me for putting this online. Go ahead and harass him. He never gets on here so I can post what I want, right?! He is pretty good at the game if passing(?) all the songs on medium makes you good. (Sorry, I don't know guitar hero lingo) I am not so bad myself. However, there are no pictures of me playing because I can't play and take pictures at the same time. Well, I could... with the tripod...and the timer... but lets get real.

The pets are as entertaining as always. Nugget acts like an old man. His cousin, Reba,

was here yesterday and he had absolutely nothing to do with her. He preferred to stay in our room on his bed and sleep. That is what he usually does. Sleep.

He enjoys doing so in the sun.

And of course there is Olive. She is a mess. You never know where you will find her...

Under the covers in bed, in the toilet, in the bathtub and under the table are a few places we look. She is so stinkin' cute that I really don't care where she goes.

I could post about our exciting July 4th extravaganza, had there been one. We just grilled out. Fish and veggies, not the norm. We did make homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries and hot fudge to put on top. Blake thoroughly enjoyed my singing patriotic tunes as we watched the Macy's fireworks on TV. After an episode of 20/20, we called it a night.

Did I mention we are pretty boring?

There is always some sort of drama going on in our world. We just can't escape it. But, that requires to much energy for me to divulge at this point so I will save it for another day. A thrilling cliff hanger to keep you coming back for more. Don't get too excited. From what you have just seen, how could it be all that interesting?