Sunday, November 7, 2010

Favorite Things...9 month version

I know it sounds crazy, but I find it very difficult to think waaaaay back to when Crosby was nine months old!!! On one had, it seems like he was born yesterday. On the other, it seems like that was more than 2 years ago. It is like he has always been here! Strange the way this all works... Nonetheless, I came up with a few ideas for one of my most faithful followers. Jill, you know who you are!!! ;-)

1.) Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table
It seems like we pulled this one out right around 9 or 10 months. Initially, you can leave the legs off so little ones can sit and play. Once they start pulling up, you just put the legs on to give them more of a challenge. This table really helped Crosby with his standing balance and cruising. We keep it out of reach in our bonus room most of the time. But every now and then, we pull it back out and he still plays with it! And, just so you know, they have one with pink legs for the girls!!!
2.) The Playskool Busy Ballpopper
Crosby got this as a Christmas gift last year and really enjoyed it. It is a little on the loud side and the volume could not be adjusted. The fan is pretty intense! When ours has new batteries, the balls tend to fly too high and miss the ramp on the way down! He didn't care. Still loved it. Now he just likes the balls to pop him in the face and feel the air blowing his hair everywhere! At least it is being used, right?!?!
3.) Nose Frida I know you already have this, Jill, but I have to plug it again. (wish they would pay me for doing so!!! :) ) Or, should I say "unplug" it...hahaha...such a dork... Anyway, this is, HANDS DOWN, this best snot sucker ever created. I would recommend this to parents of any age child that cannot blow his or her nose. It will drain your child's entire sinus cavity. Stuff you did not even know was there will come out. It will drain snot that has not even formed yet! Seriously. I heart Nose Frida. I don't care if it looks disgusting. I will argue that there is nothing more disgusting than a child with snot build up on his face, thank you!! You can get this at Pickles and Ice Cream in Cool Springs and they carry them online at Target. You must get one. Okay, I will stop...
4.) First Library 12 Volume Boxed Sets
Again, Crosby got these when he was 12 months old. But, I know my niece started playing with these before she was one. They may be a chew toy initially, but these books are the perfect size for tiny hands. We started with the Sesame Street set. We have added the Tonka Set and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set. Don't tell, but Crosby will be getting the Mother Goose set for Christmas!!! Still LOVES these. He can basically read a few of them by himself at this point. I wish my memory could be as as good as his is! They have them at T.J. Maxx for 7.99!
5.)Johnny Jumper
I can't say that Crosby was a huge fan of this gadget, but it definitely gave us a few hours of enjoyment when you add it all up. Some kids like it better than others. I say this is a give or take. Good for strenthening legs! We had the tray and there were a few things for him to play with on top of it.

6.)Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy

Another gift we got for the one year birthday. But...I think this would be great for a 9 month old. Cute little songs and noises play when they press the dog's foot or hand or heart or tummy or ear or hand. The heart lights up red. It teaches cause and effect. Crosby now knows to skip through certain songs to get to his favorites. He still plays with this one!

We were still using the exersaucer quite a bit when Crosby was 9 months old. He was really starting to get into board books around that time too. He loved to sit and read. Which I had no problem encouraging!

I feel like my list is pretty lame. Lots of loud, lightup, gimmicky toys! Like I said before, I had a hard time remembering good options to put on here. These are a few I remember using most around the Malone house! What other suggestions do you all have for a 9 month old? Do share!

And while we are at it, what in the world do you get for a 2 year old for Christmas AND his birthday??? One that is OBSESSED with motor vehicles of any sort. Any and all ideas welcome...

Did I mention everyone should own Nose Frida? :)


Jill Fields said...

Ahhhh! You are my hero! Thank you SOOO much, Danielle! I am getting calls wanting wish lists already, and now I am ready to respond! Perfect ideas! And, thank you for the advice about taking the legs off the table! We have one and it's been in the closet waiting to be used, but I'm pulling that sucker out tomorrow!

For anyone who didn't get the point that the Nose Frida is great....IT IS GREAT!!! Thank you, Danielle, for thinking of me pre-baby! I think of you everytime I get a big snot-wad!

Sonja said...

I'm concerned about the Nose Frida. Is that woman sucking the snot out of her child's nose with her own mouth? What if you get a fast moving booger and it flies onto your tongue? I would die. Then I would vomit.

Danielle said...

Yes, she is using her very own mouth to suction the nose of the babe. Do not fear, my sweet germaphobe friend. Valid question. There is a filter that will prevent any and all snot from entering your mouth. It never even gets CLOSE to the filter for that matter!! You need this. I promise you will love it...

Bre said...

For my 9 month old, maybe more like 10 month old, we loved the walking toy by Fisher Price. Jacob could actually feel like he could walk by himself. Plus it plays fun music!