Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 days

has September, April, June and NOVEMBER!!! And what do you know? I managed to blog all 30 of them. Granted, there were a few pathetic posts here and there. This one included! But I made it on here every single day like I planned to do. What an accomplishment. Now if I could direct this type of motivation towards something productive...

Maybe instead of giving a monthly donation to the YMCA, I could actually visit the place more than once in 4 weeks. Now that is a clever idea! Maybe I could shed the 5 lbs I have packed on since I stopped feeding the babe a year ago. Maybe I could find my quads, glutes or abs. The only muscle that gets any exercise on this body is the old masseter. Yep. She's chewing juuuuust fine. Maybe I could turn the pork sausages(Sonja...) into Laura's lean meat at least. But let's think about the number of times I have mentioned this over the past year. And lets think of how many times I have followed through with this plan. Yea. Not looking too promising. I was going to start with spinning tomorrow at 5:30 am. Seeing how I left the house at 10:30 am to see patients in Crossville and Cookeville, only to return at 10:18 pm, I think I will put that off one more day. I am sure there will be another great excuse tomorrow that will justify my skipping on Thursday...

Or maybe I will thoroughly clean the house tomorrow and keep it that way for the remaining 30 days in December. That would be a good goal. But that would mean shipping Crosby off to live with someone else for 30 days and I am not thrilled with that idea. I guess the house will remain a wreck.

Maybe I should shoot for something less lofty. Like getting in bed every night before 10:30 pm. What wonders that would do! I actually follow through with that one, I might have enough energy to visit the YMCA at 5:30 am. And if I was home by 6:45 am, I could actually sit down and do my CBS lesson before the day with Crosby begins. And just maybe I would be motivated by my new found energy to say on top of the housework by doing a little each day...

Hmmm. Who knows what is in store for the next 30 days. Let's hope it is at least one of the above!


Jill Fields said...

Man-O-Man, I am getting convicted holy spirit style tonight!

My goals were to get back on my bike which I paid a pretty penny for before AC was born...still on the rack in the garage collecting dust!

That dust matches the dust on ALL the baseboards in my house...another goal that got a big ole flunk!

Speaking of matches, why do socks never find their match around here?

I could go on and on, but my quick fix for all that....playing in the floor with my baby and calling it a good day! That along with some chocolate!

Cheers to having goals and finding other goals that are WAY more fun!

Kara Graves said...

I just love reading your blog, I just hear your voice and your clever way of telling stories and it gives me a great big smile :) Love you friend.