Monday, December 1, 2008

Am I dreaming?

Or is it December and I am still pregnant??? According to the news and all of the calendars I have seen today, it is the case! Who would have thought? I know Blake and I are amazed. We were totally expecting this little guy to be here in November. Thrilled to say we were wrong on that!! I forgot to ask Dr. B if he was surprised I made it this far but I am pretty sure I know what his response would be! :) I have gotten pretty good at reading his mind! I proved that today and have a witness to back me up.

My appointment wasn't that out of the ordinary. The ole cervix was shorter than last week, somewhere between 10mm and 8mm. To be honest, I never asked what the final report said. (NEVER would have done that a few weeks ago...low numbers don't phase me much these days) While waiting to see Dr. B, A.C. asked what I thought he would have to say about my cervical length. I said it would probably depend on the results of the fFN. If it was positive, he would likely admit me. If it was negative, he would not admit me and just see me in the office later this week. It took quite a while to get his thoughts because he was off delivering a baby. However, when he finally saw me, his response was just as I had guessed! I also thought he may give me one more round of Indocin before the 32 week cutoff date...and he did! I am also back to taking terbulatine every 4 hours.

So what is the verdict? Positive or negative? Looks like we won't know that answer until tomorrow morning. I was the last patient of the day so my results didn't come back before he left. He said I would hear from him first thing in the morning. We are really hoping for a negative! Not only would a negative keep me out of the hospital, it would also get me close to 34 weeks without going into labor! 32 is the goal for now. Wednesday seems possible to me!

Praying for a negative! Will let you know when I do!


Gary and Judi said...

I never thought I would say this to anyone...but I am thinking negative thoughts, negative thoughts, negative thoughts...stay tucked away, little man...stay close to your mom...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Judy, negative results, little man, you can do it cervix! So funny what we are all thinking right now and how much we have learned about pregnancy! Can't wait to read the blog tomorrow morning! But, no matter the results, we are so happy for how far you have gone! It's absolutely amazing! jill