Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is it just me?

Or is this the most random story you have ever heard?

Blake and a friend went to the Predators game tonight. Like a sweet husband, he called to check in on me. Since all was well, he told me they were about to start the third quarter so he should be home in about an hour. Then he proceeds to tell me, "Oh, and I just got a free flu shot." Excuse me? I sat here trying to process what he said. Surely I heard wrong. So I asked him to repeat what he said. Nope, nothing changed. "I just got a free flu shot."

I immediately start laughing my head off (not good for those with child) and repeat the story to my parents and a friend. They found the story amusing as well. Since when do hockey games and flu shots go together??? "The Sommet Center: home to concerts, sporting events, CMA's...and flu shots." Who knew?

Just had to share... :)

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