Monday, December 15, 2008

So you're saying there's a chance?

The past few days have been very busy and LOTS of fun!!!! This little guy was showered with gifts from friends and family on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday! Our house has been filled with people and I have loved every minute of it. More to come on that...with pictures... :)

Apparently, someone caught wind of all this activity and now thinks it could be a good time to put some of his belongings to use!! My ultrasound was relatively uneventful. As far as cervical length goes, there was no real change-10mm. However, his measurements are a bit larger! 5lbs 1 oz!! He is a growing boy who still seems to have lots of hair. We were able to catch lots of good practice breaths despite him moving all over the place. Too bad he had his hand in front of his face. Seeing how it will likely be my last ultrasound, I was hoping for one last peek!

Dr. B was pleased with the ultrasound report and wants to continue with my current medication routine. He will be out of the office the 19th -25th so we discussed plans for the next 2 weeks. He tentatively gave me permission to take a few outings via wheelchair. The only deal breaker would be the results of the fFN and he would call me with the results. Having had a fairly calm week, I wasn't too concerned about that.

In the meantime, I made plans to spend tomorrow with Blake, running a few errands. And then I thought we would make it to small group on Thursday night. Lots of plans. Dr. B called around 5:45 with the results. I got my first positive. What? Did he say positive? He did...

So, there is a 30% chance I will go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Great. Just in time for Dr. B to be out of the office! Needless to say, my plans were quickly changed and I will remain on the couch instead! As I have said before, this test is not a good predictor of going into labor. It is better at predicting if you will NOT go into labor. So, this little guy could stay put another 4 weeks. It is just that the chances are now a little higher that he won't.

If anything were to happen from this Wednesday on, all he will do to try and stop labor is fluids. Stronger meds are contraindicated beyond 34 weeks. If the little guy says put through next Monday, Blake will be responsible for giving me my last progesterone injection. And if I make it to Christmas day(35w1d), it will be the last time I take terbutaline and procardia.

I really, really, really, really do not want to go into labor the 19th-25th. Dr. B is in town and will have his pager. But there will be times he is unavailable. We have been through so much with him at our side. I think I would cry my eyes out if he weren't with us when this little guy is born. He said he would do the same! It may be a silly request, but please pray that Dr. B will be there when the time comes.

So there you have the latest news! I will post pictures from this past week very soon!!!


Anonymous said...

danielle....i watched for your post last night and was gonna call your mama if i didn't see one this morning, so it was with much releif when i read the one of this morning. still good news, 30% isn't much when compared to %70 is it!! wise choice ...the couch is your friend and absolutely i have already asked the Lord to let dr. b be back when baby boy arrives!!!! oh so pleased to hear what a fun weekend you and blake had, everyone is so excited and feels a part of this wonderful journey going toward ....i believe as far as they will let you go...gonna have to beg that boy to come out and play!!!!!!!!! have a blessed day and know that so many, many of us care deeply and love you all!!!! Phil. 4:13..the gobbles

Shellie Salza said...

I'm so excited that you had showers!!! No, it is not silly to want YOUR doctor there. You have been through a lot with him. We'll be praying!

Karen Nikazy said...

Just remember - mine was positive at 23 weeks, and I went another 7 weeks. Now that doesn't mean you can wait until 42 weeks to have this little guy, though! Positive prayers coming your way!

stance. said...

how crazy to see you say the test results were positive! i'm so used to seeing the opposite. but, as we know, the little man is growing and growing, so all we can do now is pray that the Lord would bring him into the world at the absolute perfect time. and of course that Dr. B will be there to deliver him (which is not a silly request at all!).

Anonymous said...

No request for Dr.B is silly! He is THE MAN! Absolutely, we want him there! I'll be praying! jill

jaime s said...

I was hoping your baby would arrive on my dtr's b-day 12/20 but now I will change that and hope that he comes after Cmas.

Praying for you all and all the details!

Did I miss your OC shower or will that happen after he arrives?

Veronica said...

Hey friend! I get chills and tears all at the same time when I see where God has brought you ...I am so filled with joy for you to be this far. I cannot wait for you to experience the joy like no other when you hold that little guy in your arms...healthy and well!! We are continually praying for you and will add this request to the prayer. Love you both!!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.."