Monday, November 2, 2009

Mondays With Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby fox turned 44 weeks old!!! Is he an adorable 44 week old little baby or what???? I know, I know. Every mama says that about her baby. But my goodness, I could just eat this little boy UP!!

For weeks, we have been referring to he costume as a "baby chick". However, about half of the people that saw him in his costume refer to him as a "baby duck". The more I look at it, I think he may have been a baby duck all along! Webbed feet. A flat, bill as opposed to a pointed beak. Hmmm, seems more duck like to me! Call it what you will, the child looked precious! I don't know that he would agree.

We had big plans for the day. We wanted to carve a pumpkin, go to Pumpkinfest in Franklin and finally round out the night with a little trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Oh, and there was a certain football game that we needed to watch! Sounds like a perfect day! I should have known things wouldn't go as planned...

It was Blake's Saturday off. In the back of my mind, I thought there was a chance we could sleep in. Sure enough, Crosby slept until 8:15. Blake slept until 8:30. And me...I woke up at 6:15! Seriously??? I tried my best to fall back asleep but it never happened. So frustrating!

Crosby's morning nap was pushed back a bit, which meant he woke up later than we had planned. Then the Auburn game went longer than we thought. That meant Crosby was ready for his second nap just about the time we needed to leave for Franklin!! So, we scratched Franklin.

When Crosby woke up from his second nap, we got ready to carve the pumpkin. I had the camera ready to video him playing in all the pumpkin slime. Not so much. Apparently, he is his father's son and doesn't like to get dirty! I, on the other hand, could play in that stuff all day long. Strange, I know...

0 for 2! I was very doubtful for the trick-or-treating part. The little guy started to grump a bit as we got him dressed. We got him to pose for a few family pictures and he was none to thrilled! We finally got him to smile when he saw a few of the neighborhood kids come walking up the driveway. We REALLY got him to smile when we gave him a sucker!

We walked around to see a few of our neighbor's. One even had a special bag of goldfish just for him! How sweet is that?!! Then we boarded the Halloween Hayride! This years theme was a Haunted Forrest. Crosby was pretty impressed with the neighbors handiwork! We rode around for a bit before calling it a night.

It is a good thing we stopped when we did! The little duck had a major blowout ALL OVER his cute stripped tights when we got back in the house! Lovely. To top that off, he had a fever later on in the evening!! Poor baby!! I am not sure if it was the second tooth or something else. He was feeling pretty rotten by the end of the night. So much for our plans! At least he looked cute and seemed to enjoy most of the day!
Sure beats last years Halloween, when I posted this!!! I CANNOT believe it has been a year since that post. Oh how blessed we are to be here today with this precious little boy! Praise the Lord!!!


Jill Fields said...

Oh dear, what cute little duck/chick! It looks like you had a really fun time, even if the plans did change a bit! I still can't beleive he's old enough to lick a sucker!!! Where are the bottle and paci days?!?!?

Jill Fields said...

Ok, so I've been a blogger loser the past few months...I'll blame it on morning sickness and constipation and all those other fun things...BUT, I have officially caught up on the little man's activities tonight! I'm at work til 4am, so it was the perfect opportunity to spend a little time with Crosby via cyber space! What a little ham! I cannot believe all the changes...from diaper sizes to clothes sizes to teeth and real food! What the heck?! Please, though, can you tell me where you are in terms of the whole nursing schedule? I lost that bit somewhere through the posts and wanted to see what happened after I took my hiatus! Just know, I am taking notes! :)

Sonja said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Crosb in the chick (yes, chick.....I've referred to it as such for several years now. I can't change it at this point) costume. The pics with the sucker are priceless! Eat these days up. Next thing you know you'll turn around and he'll be a stinkin' star wars not cute.