Thursday, October 8, 2009

Climbing the charts

Crosby had his 9 month checkup on Tuesday! He weighed 20 pounds 8 ounces, which is in the 47th percentile. To compare:

birth - 5 pounds 10 ounces/5th percentile
2 weeks - 5 pounds 12 ounces/2nd percentile
2 months - 9 pounds/8th percentile
4 months - 13 pounds 8 ounces/25th percentile
6 months - 16 pounds 12 ounces/32nd percentile

I was a little surprised at his weight, thinking he would be a little heavier. He has been holding around 20.5 pounds for a few weeks it seems. Well, that is according to the puppy scale! I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't dropped a few ounces since Tuesday because of his darn teeth...but that is a different post!! :) As for height, he is now 29.75 inches!!! Wow! He is now in the 89th percentile! Long and lean. And for comparison's sake:

birth - 18.5 inches/13th percentile
2 weeks - 19.75 inches/16th percentile
2 months - 22.5 inches/ 45 percentile
4 months - 24.75 inches/46th percentile
6 months - 27 inches/66th percentile

That noggin of his is right on track. We are convinced they were off a few cm's last time. There is NO WAY his head was only in the 8th percentile at the last appointment. I think we all would have noticed if he had a tiny head. If anything, I was thinking his head was a bit large around that time!!! Anyway, he it now measures 45.5 cm which puts him in the 54th percentile! So we now compare...I know... this is dreadfully boring but it is for my "records" if you will...:)

birth...don't seem to have that information...
2 weeks - 32.5 cm/2nd percentile
2 months - 5th percentile
4 months - 25th percentile
6 months - 8th percentile...yea right...

He made it out of Dr. P's office with 2 band aids this time. Too bad he wasn't supposed to have any shots. But, it is flu season and the vaccine was recommended. So we did it. He also had his toe pricked to test his iron levels. He didn't fuss too much over either. The nurses were quite impressed with his tolerance. Seeing how I am a HUGE baby when it comes to shots, I am very proud of him. Maybe he did not inherit my shot anxiety gene!

On another note...I have been stressing out over his car seat. I keep hearing different thoughts on rear facing vs forward facing. Because I was confused, I stuck him back in the infant seat. He is fine in his infant seat weight wise because it goes up to 30 pounds. However, he is almost at the 30 inch height limit. So, we have to go back to the big boy seat. Some folks have said I needed to turn him forward once his feet could press into the seat of the car. Well, he can do that already, my long, lean baby. He is also over 20 pounds. But he is NOT 1 year old and they should be rear facing until 1 year of age. Needless to say, the feet touching the seat part got me all in a jam. I mentioned it to Dr. P and he confirmed what my gut was telling me. Keep him REAR facing. His legs can touch the seat and be bunched up. His neck is not strong enough to tolerate whiplash from a front-end collision. If you will recall, I have already tested him out in that area...BAD mother... :( So, I feel much better. I know some of you have already told me this so it is not new information. I just kept hearing so many different thoughts on the topic. And just an FYI...from the mouth of Dr. P AND the wife of a police officer, they are considering moving the forward facing age to 2 years old! Sooooooo, my long, lean baby will remain rear-facing for a while! Safety first with me at the wheel! :)

And just for a good laugh...

We played it back and he did it again when he heard himself. He has been a HANDFUL so far this week. But more on that later!


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