Monday, January 11, 2010

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 1 year and 2 weeks old!!! I am just going with it for now... We had a great week. Having his party behind us made life seem a little more settled. A little less hectic. Now he is just learning how to use his new toys. Or how NOT to use his toys!!! The pictures speak for themselves but I will help...

"Mom, I'm stuck!"
"What if I lift my right leg?""Or what if I try to sit up and pull with my left arm?"
"No. Can I pick up both feet and get out of this jam??"
"Have I tried the right leg?"

"I think I am going to be here forever..."
"I think I figured it out!!!"
"I am SOOOO close!!!"
"What is the deal with my right leg???"
"Man that was tough."
I promise that wasn't abusive. He did want my help but I let him figure it out. We are talking all of 2 minutes MAX. He loves his Tonka truck. It vibrates when you turn the key like the engine is running. The blinker ticks. There is a gear shift and a horn. He is ALL ABOUT trucks, this boy.
But according to Dr. P, he has a condition. It is called the "prince syndrome." Never heard of it? I kind of new the diagnosis was coming but Blake was totally surprised. "You mean, he should be able to hold his own bottle???" Yea, I knew that bit of information but I prefer to hold it for him. My tiny baby... So we have been on a mission since his appointment. Crosby is being
dethroned. He is learning to hold his own bottle. And he is drinking from a sippy cup a whole lot more than he was last week. He was very unhappy about this the first 2 days. He cried and cried when I didn't hold the bottle for him. Hurt my heart... Now he is holding it like a champ. I am thinking we will be bottle free in the near future! Our little prince is adjusting very well! See...
Now Blake constantly refers to him as Prince. Great...
We went to Margaret's birthday party on Saturday and Crosby had more sugary sweets!!!
And Margaret was kind enough to give Crosby his first pile of Cheerios. I know, where have we been? I just kept forgetting to buy them!
Crosby had his second experience with snow!! It was much more exciting than the first...

The excitement faded fast...
Yesterday we took him out for a ride in his new wagon. Yes, it was frigid. But he LOVED it!! And Nugget enjoyed going on a walk too!

And this is what I came home to find at the end of this Monday with Crosby!!!!!
You leave the child with Pops and this is what he lets him do!!! Nearly every book was pulled of the shelf and strewn about!!! It looks about how I felt earlier this evening when I realized I locked my keys in my car. And my cell phone was dead. And I was clear across Nashville. And I still had one more patient to see! At least Crosby enjoyed himself. And it sure made me smile when I walked in the room!! :)


Carla said...

super cute snow pics! LOVE that jacket! are you working some now, i didn't realize that? miss you! :)

Jill Fields said...

Yeah, I didn't know you were back working much? Who keeps little man? Fill us in!

So sorry to hear about the keys! Sounds like me...I do this quite frequently~ my last time was right before Thanksgiving. I was at work, a midnight shift, and ended up having to get Billy to bring me our spare...from Spring 11pm. He was super-pumped! :)

(Now I have a couple spares around Columbia, because it will surely happen again!)