Monday, January 9, 2012

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 3 years and 2 weeks old!!  His Baby Sister is now at a gestational age of 26 weeks!!!  (Although I think technically her gestational age is really 24 weeks but that will just do nothing but confuse folks so pretend you didn't even read that.)  I am 26 weeks, and feeling good about it.  More on that later...

Is that picture of Crosby not precious?!?  Answer only if in agreement!  He looks soooo big to me.  And the hair is kind of tousled.  Almost like he is posing for an add or something.  Once again, I can take no credit for these pictures.  Melissa Rick saved the week!  If you have been following our family for a while, you know Margaret!  Well, Little Miss had her 3rd birthday party on Saturday.  (Her actual birthday is today, so, Happy Birthday Margaret!!!)  

I didn't know if Crosby was going to make the grand occasion.  On Friday afternoon, he came in from school acting pretty normal.  He was a little whiney and said he was tired.  Who knows how well he napped and he went to Monkey's Treehouse from 3-5.  I figured he was just worn out.  Then he started saying his mouth was sore.  I used a flashlight and take a look, thinking it could be strep.  Seeing how he has had a cough on and off for a few weeks, I have been watching for other symptoms.  But, his throat looked fine.  I noticed he had bitten down on the inside of his cheek, probably a few days before, and commented on it.  Next thing you know, all he talked about was the sore in his mouth.  And there was NO way it was sore.  Yet he kept talking about it.  And the whining increased.  And he kept crawling in and out of my lap.  Again, I just chalked it up to being exhausted.  By the time Blake got home, he was falling apart.  Tears started flowing and he was a mess.  By 7:00 pm, I was rocking him and trying to get him to bed.  But he couldn't settle.  The tears really started flowing and he started saying he needed medicine, needed to go to the doctor, etc.  You may remember my saying he has been doing this A LOT lately, when he is fine.  But this was different.  He really acted like he was in pain.  It was breaking my heart!  I was ready to throw him in the car and head to the ER.  Instead, Blake ran to get ibuprofen.  Meanwhile, I called the doctor and spoke with the nurse, while Crosby cried his eyes out.  Pitiful!!!  We followed nurses orders, gave him Motrin, and attempted to distract him with Mickey.  It didn't work initially.  But after 20 minutes or so, he calmed down.  Next thing you know, he is trying to play with Blake?!?  Then he was asking to eat dinner?!?  What in the world had we just witnessed?  He is a good actor but this was a completely different performance than we have ever seen!  One that lasted over 2 hours!  I kind of felt like I was out of my mind when I saw how quickly he changed his tune.  

When I was talking to the nurse, she went ahead and made an appointment for 9:10 Saturday morning. He was acting so normal, I considered canceling.  But, I couldn't send him to Margaret's party without having him seen based on Friday night's drama.  Lulu and I got him dressed for the party, just in case, and headed to see the doctor.  Sure enough, there was something wrong alright. My little fella had an ear infection!!  Who knows how long he has had one.  He had no symptoms other than a cough.  No fever.  No complaints.  Nothing, until Friday night!  Totally explained why he was pointing to the back, right side of his mouth, saying it hurt.  Totally explained why he couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep.  Pressure must have built up in his ear, causing him serious pain.  Not sure if Motrin relieved the pain or if the pressure just released on it's on.  I am just glad something helped ease my little man's pain.  Seeing him hurting was definitely enough to send me in to labor!!!  Thankfully, that didn't happen or we would have been in a real bind!  WIth a diagnosis in place and a "he's not contagious" from the doctor, off to the party Crosby and Lulu went!

Margaret had a fairy theme this year.  Needless to say, we are lacking tutus around here.  But I did find this sweater with a castle that was handed down from cousin Gid!  What better time to put it to use.  Our "prince" even had a finger puppet horse in a little pocket attached to the sweater.  You can see the poor thing dangling by the string in all of the pictures! Don't know that he rode in like a night in shining armor but he definitely made an appearance!
This one cracks me UP!!!  Talk about blackmail. I am going to be pulling this one out when he is 16 and sharing it with all of his friends...

After a nice, long nap, the little guy was out the door again!  This time he and his Daddy went to John Christopher's birthday party.  Unfortunately, I failed to send the camera with Blake so I have no pictures to enjoy!  JCLW's party was at Gymboree.  I have never been there but Blake says he had a blast!

As for Baby Girl...her environment has been so calm the past few weeks.  My numbers were normal again on Friday.  I cannot tell you what this has done to my mental state.  I am in such a good place right now as a result.  What a blessing!  Praying it stays this way for at least 8 more weeks.  11 would be nice too!

In the meantime, we will just wait for my niece to make her grand appearance!  Come on Harper!  It is safe to come out now.  I know your parents would appreciate it!!

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Sheila Aust said...

Danielle, have you and Blake decided on a name for this precious child?