Monday, October 24, 2011

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 2 years and 43 weeks old!!!  Looking at those numbers is scary.  Somebody's third (WHAAAATT????) birthday is rapidly approaching.  Rapidly.  We have been invited to lots of 3rd birthday's in the past few weeks.  That can only mean his is around the corner.  Can I just say I am not a fan of the idea.  

So we attempted Gentry's Farm again on Saturday.  We had to take an annual trip with the Rick crew.  Unfortunately, Crosby had a short nap on Friday and didn't get in bed until 10:30 Friday night.  What does that have to do with Saturday, you ask??  Everything.  Somebody (CFM) was in a foul mood.  Tears were shed.  Parent eyes rolled.  Many fits were thrown.  But we had to get pictures of Crosby with Margaret and Wells.  And we all know how much Crosby loves pictures...

I wanted one of him in the corn maze.  I thought it was kind of cute that he attempted to pull this stalk out of the ground.  It wasn't going to happen!  
Then Blake told me to read the sign...
Oops!!  Like I said, he wasn't quite strong enough to uproot anything!  And it made for a funny picture anyway!
Happy in the tipi...
Just a swangin'...
With his best girl!  Funny that he would NOT get in the tire last weekend.  Only on top.  Apparently Margaret can get her way with him!!
We finally managed to get the kiddos to sit for a group picture.  Of course, it was like pulling teeth to get the one on the left to participate.  "I will sit here but you cannot make me smile."
"I don't care that I look like a grump and my friends look adorable!"
"Okay.  I can't pretend anymore. I am not happy about this."
And then Blake says something about monkeys and he smiles.  Just in time for Wells to find some hay!  
At least we got one of each child smiling!  And you might recall having seen the outfit Wells is wearing in the past...  Yea.  Just looking back at that kind of made me tear up.  That was way back when my green eyed boy had big blue eyes.  And no hair.  Although his current hair situation is quite a mess.  Gotta love the Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber bang looks.  Yikes.

"Do you want anymore taken off???"
"Uhhh, maybe a little?!?!"

BIG mistake on my part!!  Please say it will grow back fast...

On a different note, my little fella seems to be adjusting to school slowly but surely.  We had ZERO tears  the Monday before fall break.  Then we were out Friday, Monday and Friday for fall break.  A little excessive don't you think???  Anyway.  I was dreading starting back up today.  I just knew he would regress.  And he did a tad.  We had tears right when his teacher came to take him from me.  Thankfully he recovers as soon as I walk away.  I am hopeful that we will have an easy go of it by Thanksgiving!!!

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