Friday, November 7, 2008

Baptist Round 1, Day 10

I looks like this will be my last day in the Predators Suite. Dr. B came by early this morning. We decided to go ahead and try managing my care from home. I have been feeling good about this idea the past few days. Of course, I started to get "cold feet" last night and even earlier today. I keep reminding myself how calm things have been over the past few days. I will be on the exact same meds and will maintain the same level of bedrest. It also helps to know I will be seeing Dr. B on Monday and Thursday of next week, with ultrasounds both days. And he will be available all weekend if I have any questions or concerns. So, I will be monitored very closely. If anything changes or makes me uncomfortable, I will come right back!!

I hope that is not necessary. It would be nice to spend the next few weeks at home, with Blake. I just pray for discernment as I leave the hospital. I don't want to be overly anxious, stressing
over every sensation I feel. On the other hand, I would hate to minimize contractions and miss something! Healthy balance would be great!!!

That is the plan as of 12:00 pm! If anything changes I will update. In the meantime, I ask you pray for us as we make this transition! Peace of mind... :)


elizabeth fox said...

we're praying for your healthy balance!

Anonymous said...

Peace of mind and balanced discernment...check! jill

L Cassady said...

I hope you are able to have a peaceful weekend..

Rachel said...

I'll be praying for you guys! Hope all goes well!