Thursday, October 30, 2008

Up and at 'em

Well, I supposed the "at 'em" part isn't exactly true. Dr. B just left the room so I thought it would be the perfect time to update. Not to mention it is nice and quiet for the moment!

I saw Dr. B before yesterday's ultrasound so I was eager to hear his thoughts. As I anticipated, he was very pleased with the results. Not only was he encouraged by my measurements, but he was also thrilled with the stability of the situation over the last 24 hours. When I asked, he was quick to encourage me that it is extremely likely we will reach that 28 week milestone. He was even optimistic for more than 28 weeks. As you may know, I think Dr. B is the greatest OB/GYN in the world (no offense to all others...I am sure they are good too..maybe not AS good but... you know)! Anyway, he does not posess the ability to predict the future. That being said, it was reassuring to hear him say he could easily go a good bit longer, pending no unforeseen complications. If he is letting himself think that far, so can we!!!
He did confirm that I will remain here until Wednesday of next week, which was music to my ears. My status at that time will determine if I stay longer or head back home. I will mostly like have another ultrasound on Monday morning to reassess my cervix and the little guys growth. (Dr. B was also pleased to hear yesterdays weight measurement!) In the mean time, I will have my IV removed and will be switched to all oral meds. I am loving the sound of that.
As for the the monitoring of my contractions and the baby. It is only scheduled once during each 12 hour shift and PRN/as needed. If I feel anything changing, they put it on. Otherwise, 2 times a day. Once this IV comes out, it will just look like I am living it up in a rather large room for no real reason!!! Oh, wait, I forgot about the TED hose and compression pumps attached to both legs! :) It is best to remain clot free while appearing to live it up I suppose!

So there you have it. The latest report before 8:30am! Things are going as well as they could be. Lets just keep praying for stability, with none of those unforeseen complications. And of course, for our little one to keep growing away!

For the girls at work who get to read back soon!


Rachel said...

Big sigh of relief!

Kristen said...

So glad things are going well! I see you aso had time to re-do the colors on the website. Didnt want baby boy Malone covered in pink, huh? If you or Blake needs us to do anything at the house (feed pets, let them out, etc.) just let me know. It's quite a long trip down this massive hill we live on, but I would be willing to make it for you.

Melissa said...

What a blessing! I love Dr. B. also! Your blog makeover looks great-by the way!

four4now said...

I wish I could remember how I happened on your blog but I don't. I just had to stay to comment today as our family has been praying over your sweet baby boy during the past couple months.

God is faithful.

Kristen & family

The Maguet's said...

Great news! I am so glad you get to stay until 28 weeks- that day will be a huge milestone! Being in the hospital really stinks, but I guess after being at home for so long the change of scenery is kind of appreciated! Love the new background! Keep blogging... I'll keep checking!

Carolyn said...

Hey D,
Wish I was there with you right now. Know that God and Dr B is taking GREAT care of you. See you soon as we can get there.

Love you three so much,

Tami said...

I've been praying for you all along, but I thought I'd share that again with you today. I, too had the hospital stay and YES... it does make a BIG difference in your mental health. Even though it's NOT the most comfortable place in the world, there's something about it that feels safe. Anyhow, I'm glad to hear the good news. Keep bein' strong for that sweet baby boy!

Breana said...

As you know, we're praying for you as you're in the hospital but I'm so glad that they're able to keep that little guy in there. I want to meet his Dr. B guy. He sounds great. We hope you continue to get good news and we're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

First, is Dr. B married? Not that I'm interested, but he seems TOO great to be single! And I do still have a few single gals in mind...just pass that on as he's checking you tomorrow! :) Second, I LOVE the new color scheme! Too cute! I can't believe you're being the graphic pro in while admitted...are you sure you're even at the hospital? Third and most importantly, HOORAY!!! for another great day and that good ole' cervix hanging strong! What great news at the end of my busy day! Love you guys! Jill