Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I take it back

I have lost my mind. I started out the day correcting a post because I used the wrong date, again. That, in and of itself, did not worry me so much. It was the repeated screw ups throughout the day got me concerned. It all went downhill within seconds of walking up to the reception desk at Dr. C's.

Her: "What's your name?"

Me: "Danielle Malone"

Her: "What time is your appointment?"

Me: "1:30"

Her: looks at the computer, perplexed, then replies, "We actually had you down yesterday at 1:30."

Me: "What? I always have his appointments on Wednesday because they said he isn't in on Tuesday...I guess I just assumed...and didn't pay attention to the day of the week. Oh my goodness, I am soooo sorry. This is totally my fault. I am so sorry. " Blah, blah blah!!!!!

To make matters worse, it was another of my brainless moments that got my schedule out of wack in the first place. As we walked out of my last appointment, Blake nudged me and asked if needed to stop by the desk before leaving. I replied with a very confident "nope" and he hesitantly walked on out the door. It was not until 2 days later that I realized my error. I should have stopped by the desk to schedule my next appointment. So, I made it over the phone, with no calendar available to look at while agreeing to see him on...Tuesday!

They were super sweet about the whole thing and got me back with little problem, that I know of. They all made little cracks, "Oh, you're here today!!!... I didn't think it was like you to just not show up!!...I had to rearrange my whole day (smiling)..." It worked out better in the end because I saw Dr. C, rather than the nurse practitioner. He decided to changed things up a bit. More on that later...

Third dumb moment. I needed Blake to pick up blueberries on the way home from work. I called the clinic but was distracted when they answered and did not hear the usual, "H.V.A.H. Can you hold please?" Actually, I didn't hear her initial answer at all. I only heard the second, "Hello????" At that point, I had forgotten who I even called in the first place and had to ask. Nothing like having to say, "Oh...yes...this is Dr. Malone's (airhead) wife. Is he available?" She got in a pretty good laugh before taking off to found him for me!

So, I officially have to admit I have a problem. But, acknowledgement it is the first step towards correcting the issue. I think I am on the road to recovery!

Why did I just share that? This is all so random. Is this really blog worthy?


My appointment went well. Ultrasound look great. He measured 24 weeks exactly. Cervix was fine. When meeting with Dr. C, he asked how many contractions I have been having. After hearing my response, he replied, "You will deliver preterm." Matter of fact. Not mean or heartless AT ALL. He just stated the facts. He decided it best to go ahead and have me take the 2 steroid injections needed to stimulate baby boy's lung development. You have to take one and follow it with a second 24 hours later. He feels it best to have it on board now, in the event that we aren't given 24 hours to wait when the time comes.

Too bad none of the pharmacies around Baptist had the meds in stock. I did not get to have Dr. B's nurse give it to me. That was left up to Blake. Great... He has never give an IM injection to a human being! I'm feeling excellent about being his first. Not to mention we neither had the correct number of needles nor the correct gauge. So, he had to get more... from the vet clinic. They were sterile!!!!

Applause to Blake for doing an excellent job. He has watched them give me IM injections the last 10 weeks. I suppose I should ask his forgiveness for my lack of faith... Actually, I think I will wait and see how things go tonight at 6:53 before doing all that!

Back to my conversation with Dr. C... Hearing I would deliver preterm was not a surprise. But, for whatever reason, hearing is said so confidently has stirred up a fight in me. I have a point to prove! I want to carry this baby longer than he expects. I told him I have lots of people praying specifically for my uterus. His reply, "Uterus, be still!" I know the odds/statistics are against me. But I am choosing to believe we will make it further than anticipated. I am not sure how his comment spurred this boost of confidence but I am going to run with it while I can!

And just so you know, I stopped by the desk on my way out of Dr. C's office and made my appointment in 2 weeks for WEDNESDAY at 1:00!!!


kelly w said... COULD put a baby ticker on your blog so we could ALL keep your weeks/due date straight. i don't know if that falls into the superstitious stuff or not. and i totally understand if you don't want to. just thought it might help all of our brains :)

Rachel said...

Fight the fight, girl.

weavermom said...

I found you from Angie's "Bring the Rain" site. I just had to say, Oh, I hope and pray you get to keep this baby with you!