Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prayer Request

As I type, Karen Nizaky is most likely giving birth to twin babies, Max and Kate. She has been in the hospital, on bedrest, for several months trying to keep her little ones inside. It appears she has an infection somewhere in her body, though they have not been able to find it. It was decided the babies would be taken today at 3:00. Max and Kate are 31 weeks.

I don't think Karen would mind my sharing this with you all, as I know she believes in the power of prayer. If you could remember Max, Kate, Karen and Chad at this time, it would be greatly appreciated. She has been such a helpful source of encouragement for me over the last few weeks. She has done an amazing job keeping those little ones safe as long as possible. I just ask that you pray for the health of both babies and Karen at this time.

Thanks a ton!

Update: I just saw a post on Facebook saying Max weighs 4lb .5oz and Kate weighs 3lbs 11.75oz!!!


Melissa said...

She will be in my prayers all evening. Thanks for sharing- I hope you are doing well today! Take care- Melissa

Anonymous said...

Yay for Max and Kate! Good weights! I will definitely say a big prayer for them tonight! You are sweet to pass this along to us! Jill

Kristen said...

Those are some great weights! They will be out of NICU in no time!

Carla and Daryl said...

will do!