Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please just excuse me

I promise I have not lost my mind. I am confusing people left and right and I do apologize. I am only 24 weeks today. When I titled the post last night, I was already thinking ahead to 24 weeks, which wasn't such a long shot. But by tacking an additional 6 days to the end of it, I gave myself another week. I am pretty sure this is the second time I have had to correct myself. I would love to use the "pregnancy brain" excuse but I really don't think that is the case.
Anyway, I had to clarify...again... Once again, I am only 24 weeks!


Salza Family said...

YAY!!! 24 weeks!!!! It's all uphill from here and I know I'm not the only one working on praying you through it! (I know that was a lot of exclamation marks, but I'm so excited for you)

Salza Family said...

Okay, I realize when I said uphill I made it sound like more work...I meant that it just gets much for checking what you write before you publish it!

stance. said...

HAPPY 24 WEEKS, DANIELLE!!!!! the Lord has done great things for you and we are begging Him not to stop! we have something special for you. i'm going to try to bring it by tomorrow after work if you don't mind too much :)

Rachel said...

I think you need to rephrase-instead of "ONLY 24 weeks" you are "HAPPILY 24 weeeks"! I am thankful for every day you can mark off your calendar!

Rachel said...

Aww Man! Still, 24 weeks... yeah!

Oh, and Jac said you couldn't get into my blog. Email me at and I'll add you to my list!