Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baptist Round 1, Day 2

Another pretty goo day around. I was blessed to have lots of friends stop by throughout the day.The social butterfly in me loved every bit. I was so excited to get in an early post on the blog, but then I only managed to change my status on Facebook. I guess that is better than nothing. I am coming all you FB friends!!! Hold on until tomorrow!

I rarely look at my actually blog. I just read the comments from email. So I start reading comment after comment talking about my new and improved layout??? Are you kidding me, she did it that fast? While I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the credit for the handy work, the truth of the matter is I had zero responsibility. If there is anything remotely cute on my blog, it is thanks to the ever crafty Moriah Farmer . I say she should charge for her service. She said she does it for people she loves!!!!! She loves me!!! And I love her. She also taught me how to do picture collages. Now don't go comparing mine to hers because hers blow mine out of the water!!! Anyway, I am love the layout myself. Looks more appropriate for this little man in my belly!

Other than that, it has been a relatively day. I had a round of contractions this evening that seemed to concern the nurses. I am about to share way too much info,again. but I think the problem has been solved. Miralax is my friends and should take care of business. Enough said on that! I know I sound like I am in my 80's. The things pregnancy does to the body!!!!

The Ambien has started to kick in and I am officially typing all over the place once again. Spell check will have to do for now because I don't I could effectively proof reed this is if my life depended on it :)! Thank you all for continued prayers. I am so happy to be here. Much more relaxed. Still don't like to see my man walk out the door. But at least no tears tonight! I can be a big girl! But we have high spirits and are doing well. You will hear no complaints from us!

That being said, I am really struggling to put a complete thought together because this Ambien
is really kicking in. So sorry if there a million grammatical errors. I will blame it the medicine for sure. Sweet dreams. Will return with a little Halloween fun!

Just so you know, I feel aslseep and it is now an hour and half later. NO CLUE!!!!! I better post this before something really goes chaotic...Ahhh Ambien!


Rachel said...

Its kind of fun to read something you typed all drugged up! You made it through October! YAY!

stance. said...

love it. and i'm so excited to read all the good news!! i hope your saturday is going well and we'll call soon to get an official update. we love you and we're praying for you (and i'm secretly praying for more ambien posts because for real, that was awesome).