Monday, November 7, 2011

Mondays with Crosby

 At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 2 years and 45 weeks old!!!  Does he not look 7 years and 45 weeks old in that picture??  Blake is not a fan of him looking like such a big boy.  Me neither!!  And his "trying to look serious but can't not smile" face cracks me up!   This KID cracks me up!  

I am starting to worry I took TOO much folic acid and DHA with this boy.  The things he comes up with these days.  He and Blake were sitting at the table and I was working my way there.  I can't remember the exact conversation, but it had to do with us buying something.  In a joking voice, I said, "Boy...we don't have that kind of money."  Crosby relpies, "I have a wallet!"  We laughed our heads off.  Apparently he knows about wallets and the fact that money goes in them!  Although he doesn't own a wallet that I know of!?!   Who knows, maybe he has a secret stash somewhere...
 How to you teach a child to blow properly?  I haven't figured this one out.  Neither has he!  He spits more than anything.  We practice blowing out candles but he just can't quite do it...
 He just ends up with dandelion fuzz all in his mouth!
 Old man Nugs came out to play with us this afternoon.  Actually, he kept attempting to sneak off and roam the neighborhood!
 We had to go after him a time or two.  Then I forced him to sit for a picture with Crosby.  He looks about as happy as Crosby usually does!
At least Crosby was in rare form this afternoon.  He didn't whine every time he saw the camera pointed his way!
 He actually stopped and looked at the lens a time or two!
 He was LOVING being outside!  But who wouldn't in this BEAUTIFUL Fall weather?!?
 I think we could handle this weather year round.  Well, plus a few days a week that are warm enough to allow for swimming!
You may recall, little man was feeling puny last Monday and skipped out on Halloween.  (I realized he had a fever on his very first Halloween too.  Wonder what that is about!?!?)   Anyway, we headed to see Dr. Patton on Tuesday. He felt Crosby had some sort of GI virus.  Thankfully, Crosby feeling much better this week.  His belly seems to be on the road to recovery.  However, you wouldn't know this based on Crosby's claims.  I am pretty sure we have heard "I don't feel well" 100 times this week.  Followed by, "I need to go see Dr. Patton." And if you say, "Dr. Patton is at home asleep, Crosby.  You need to go night, night," he says, "I need to see another doctor!"  Or even better, "I need to go to the hospital."  Anytime he doesn't get his way or gets in trouble or doesn't want to go to bed, he attempts to use these lines for sympathy.  I have tried to explain to him the story of the boy who cries wolf but he doesn't seem to get it!  What a little trickster!  Man I love this boy...

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Matt and Jenny said...

That little sneaky thing is too funny. And cute :)