Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crosby's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

On January 2, 2011, we celebrated Crosby's 2nd birthday!!!  A December birthday is HARD to plan.  Christmas Day fell on the Saturday before his actual birthday.  New Year's Day fell on the Saturday after his birthday. So, we decided to have the party on Sunday afternoon and hoped a few folks would be able to make it.  Lucky for Crosby, they did!

Seeing how Crosby is obsessed with all things truck, I didn't have a hard time picking a theme...TRUCKS!  But I couldn't go with any 'ole truck.  It couldn't be toooo big boy!  A friend of a friend has a stationery business, Pinwheel Press.  So I started looking on her website and found the PERFECT truck invitation...

Of course it didn't say William or "3" and it had our address but you get the idea!  Then I called up our favorite cake lady in the world and had her make a cake to match... 

Not only was it adorable, it was delish!  And to top that off, the sister of a friend is the owner of The Figg Boutique.  She was able to create a shirt to match his invitation!!!  It was ADORABLE!!!

I got a few balloons, a few tablecloths, matching plates, spoons and napkins, and we had ourselves a little party!!!
The Birthday Boy!!!
Dean was ready to help Crosby open gifts as soon as he walked in the door! Sweet friend...
John Christopher was pretty impressed by Crosby's new parking garage...
Little Leighton got to play with Crosby's new cars...
But the excitement of the party was....
THE JUMP JUMP!!!  Corey's parents, the Hawkins, were sooooo very sweet to let us borrow their "jump jump" for Crosby's birthday party.  Needless to say, it was a big hit!
We had lots of food for Crosby's friends to eat...
Although they preferred to be playing!  Who can blame them???
The parking garage was a crowd pleaser too!
Proud grandparents...
Proud cousin!! ;-)
Had to get in a family shot while the birthday hat was ON his head!
Trying to figure out what I am about to do with that stick!
Not sure why everyone is staring at him when there are candles on fire!
Then he heard everyone start to sing the Happy Birthday song we had been practicing all week...
And that got him smiling...
They know the song too!!!!
One Happy Birthday Boy!!!
Blowing out 2 little candles!!!
Now what???
Patiently waiting to eat a piece of cake...
Digging in!!!
I think he likes it! :)
Margaret getting her first bite of cake!
Uncle Justin helped him with his ice cream...
At least Uncle Justin didn't try to eat it like he did last year!
ALLLLL the family and friends who were able to celebrate with Crosby...
Mason & Mrs. Kristen
Mrs. Melissa,  "Mahgwet" & Mr. Wade... "Baby Wells" was at home!
Uncle Chad & Aunt LeAnne (Crosby's adopted uncle and aunt!! :))
"Baby Jack", Mrs. Danielle & Mr. Jason
Mrs. Heidi, Mr. Ryan & Dean...Miss Annie was still tucked away in Heidi!
Mrs. Joanna, "Bahter" aka John Christopher & Dr. Christopher
"Jehmey", "Anne Clure" & "Shalat"
Mr. Kyle, Lei Lei & Mrs. Courtney
Mrs. Kara & Lucas
Pop & Gee Gee
Mrs. Sonja & Grant
Lulu & GranBuddy
Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie
After all his friends left, our family watched Crosby open his sweet gifts...
He had a blast!
LOVES his Hot Wheels for sure!
And his new bike!
He even tried on his new shirt and hair style...

I have to say a BIG thank you to Sonja for coming up to take pictures of his big day!  It sure did allow me to enjoy the day!  I have the bestest BFF in the world!

We had such a great time celebrating Crosby's birthday with so many precious people.  We are so in love with our sweet Crosby.  How it warms my heart to know he is loved by lots of other folks too!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Crosby!!!

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