Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is 11:36 pm. I can't sleep. My heart is broken. I received a text around 8:00 pm asking me to pray for this beautiful family. All I knew was little Bane had been put on a ventilator at Vanderbilt. I said a quick prayer and went about my business. I thought of them off and on as piddled around the house...starting a load of laundry, ironing a pile that has been sitting there for days. Folding a load that has been in the dryer since the weekend. You know, typical, routine chores. I finished and went down to the bonus room to get my phone and started to head up to bed. I had a voicemail and started to listen. The words were nearly too much to bare. All I remember hearing was "Little Bane didn't make it".

Tonight, I was pouting inside about having to stay up late to do boring, mundane housework. Tonight, this family watched their 10 month old son's life slip away.

Will you please help cover their family and friends in prayer?

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