Monday, August 2, 2010

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 1 year and 31 weeks old!!! I am pretty sure it was right around that time today that things started going downhill. We made it 19 months without really having a diaper rash and I was hoping we could avoid one completely. Not so much. I realzied we had a problem right around lunch time and boy was it ugly! It just breaks my heart to see my little man in pain. The sweet thing walks like he just got off a horse. And I have seen no horses in my yard. Crocodile tears poor down his face when I change his diaper. He grimmaces and even flinches when I try to carry him on my hip due to the "pressure" to the general region. Pitiful, I say!!! Pitiful! I slathered my baby UP tonight before he went to bed with some miracle oinment I was given at a shower last year. Let's hope it hasn't expired! I want my pain-free baby back!!

He had an eventful week. Too bad my camera doesn't have many pictures to prove it. I made an attempt when we took a little trip to Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company earlier this week. Blake has been friends with the owner (Scott) since childhood. Crosby and I set out to get a birthday present for Blake's brother and took the camera along. The cool wall decor was screaming for a photo shoot. Crosby, however, had other plans...

Seriously? The child was all over the place. Crawling on the floor, getting chocolate dust all over himself, and me for that matter. He threw a few fits. Tried to go beyond the "employees only beyond this point" point. He threw his sippy cup followed by his favorite new toy, the Mini Cooper. He would have nothing to do with standing still. So there you have it! Pictures from our lovely visit to O&S! Crosby aside, Scott has an amazing setup! How exciting to see his business doing so well! I am completely in love with the design of his wrappers. They matche my house perfectly and would look precious in a frame...don't you think?!?! While Scott may have enjoyed our business, I am sure he has had his fill of Crosby for a few months at least! :)
On to other exciting news...we are packing up the high chair! Somebody is now in a booster...

And has his own placemat...
And does not like to have Mickey, Minnie or Pluto covered by food!!!
He looks so big. I am not super happy about that part. Secretly, I want to keep the high chair out just so I can live in my little world of denial. But the kitchen is small so I had to be realistic and free up so space.
Pretty pathetic post. I know. Maybe I will throw in a few extras this week. Lake Day 2010 with my TTU girls tomorrow. Minus the men and kiddos! VERY excited!!!!!! And then there is the Monkey Business Consignment Sale on Thursday! I got TONS of great stuff for Crosby last Spring. I am hoping there is a lot to pick from for the Fall/Winter! I am so pumped about it. Then, Otter Creek will be hosting World Vision Experience: AIDS. You should REALLY reserve tickets and see this for yourselves. They are free so join us!

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