Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's nap time

Or not...



So maybe 2 videos are a little overkill. But they are so cute I couldn't help but post both!! Needless to say, we got up after that little show and tried again later! We had better luck with round 2. But round 1 was much more fun!! :)

Can you tell he loves his frog? She is a special frog. I bought her the day we found out Finely was "most likely a girl". I wasn't convinced so I thought a frog could go either way! Ironic... So we have named her "Fin the frog", after his big sister. I love that he loves the only gift I ever bought for her...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, Danielle! I missed a couples weeks again and am just in awe with what all Crosby has been up to! He doesn't stop growing no matter how much we want it to last! I love the cereal clips! He really is getting to be a big boy! I sure am glad he liked it, though! Fin-the Frog is precious...I can't help thinking he loves it because he loves her and feels secure with it. Thank you for keeping us updated! I love my "Sunday" afternoons with Crosby! jill