Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movin' On Up

The percentile charts, that is!! Crosby weighed in at 13 pounds 4 ounces. Too bad the nurse put that he was 13 pounds 8 ounces on his chart!!! That number had him in the 25th percentile. Technically speaking, he is not quite there but I am too lazy to do the math to figure out where he really is. So we will just go with what we've got! :) Seeing how he was only in the 8th percentile at his 2 month appointment, we are doing pretty good any way you look at it! He is currently 24.75 inches in length, which has him in the 46th percentile. That is only up 1% since February, as he was already in the 45th. And that little noggin of his is catching up as well. He had the largest jump there, moving from the 5th percentile to the 25th percentile.

As for his shots...they weren't nearly as bad as I was anticipating! Thank you Lord for sparing me heartache!!! He didn't seem to notice the first one and started to cry after the second. However, we were armed with bottle in hand, which soothed him almost immediately! Boy am I glad to have that behind us. We don't go back until he is 6 months...and I am realizing I forgot to make that appointment...

We got the all clear to introduce rice cereal. Fortunately for us, the Easter Bunny left a box in his basket! I am not sure how to work that into the mix. How much? In the morning or at night? Is it better to wait until 5 months...6 months? Of course I want to do everything just right. I have a little research to do on that one. Feel free to share your ideas/schedule/etc!!!

And, not to jinx things, but we have had 3 nights in a row of 10 hour sleep. Not me...but for Crosby. I have been getting 5-6 a least! He hardly napped today so I am thinking it is looking good for a 4th night. Come on Crosby...you can do it!!!! ...even though that is a long time to go without holding him in my arms... :)


kelly w said...

well, little miss OT friend...i wait til 6 months for rice cereal (we start this friday!). i know that breastmilk is the "perfect" food and meets ALL of a baby's needs the first 6 months of life.

also, as an OT, i do feel that my baby should be developmentally ready...not just ready according to a calendar. i wait til my kids can sit (at least supported, but with sarah and drew it was unsupported at 6 months), are showing interest in food, and are able to coordinate mouth movements for a spoon feeding.

i'm probably considered an extremist with my views, but that's what worked for us!

and, as exciting the developmental step is to start spoon feeding, its really quite a hassle to take EVERYWHERE with you and so forth (spoken like a third time mom, huh?!?)...

okay, off my soapbox, but you DID ask :)

i KNOW you will make the absolute best decision for your precious little man!!! have fun!

Carla said...

Hey Danielle,

We were also told at 4 months that we could start cereal but I was/am so committed to nursing that I wanted to wait until closer to 6 months since that is what most breastfeeding experts suggest. I also wanted to wait until she showed interest in food. It was around 5 1/2 months that we introduced it and she gobbled it right now w/ no turning back. We did it in the evening (as her "dinner") after she nursed and then we did her bedtime routine. After a month or so of that, we moved the cereal to morning (as her breakfast) and did it after her first morning nursing. We switched to veggies at dinner time then. We let her determine how much and she always ate everything we offered so we gradually increased the amount every few days. HTH!

JuliB said...

OK Danielle--you asked and here's my expert opinion!!!(kidding!!) Don't even start that cereal until you have to--what a pain to have to take it with you, mix it, right temp. etc. And--once you start, you can't stop!!!! (although, with Jack, #3, he was lucky to have HEATED cereal!!!!!) Anyway, it's just one more step to add (AND remember!) and think about.....Crosby looks just fine to me! I started the cereal feedings at night-before bed. I can't remember if I did it before or after the last nursing time....after about a month, I added a breakfast feeding AFTER the first nursing of the day. So, at about 7 months, mine were having cereal in the morning and before bed. I really really like the Happy Bellies organic cereal--just my personal preference. Crosby will do just fine!

Anonymous said...

No words of wisdom from this baby-less gal! Sounds like the pros have it handled! My personal preference is cake and ice cream as soon as possible! Good luck! jill