Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am Crosby Fox turned 3 years and 7 weeks old!!!  Does he not look every bit of it in the picture above?  Kills me...  This was a big week for Crosby.  Blake and Chad had a little surprise up their sleeves for the little fella.  I wasn't so sure about the idea.  But the guys were so excited about it I had to go along with the surprise. So what was it?

Tickets.  Tickets to see one of his most favorite things in the world.  Live and in action.  Monster trucks!!!!  Heavens to Betsy!  It was pretty fun to watch Blake plan for the big night.  He would like to claim it was all for Crosby but I think Blake has a secret love for monster trucks himself!  ;-) I jest.  This one was most definitely ALL about Crosby!  Blake decided he wouldn't tell Crosby about the big plans until the night of the event.  We couldn't decide if that was a good idea or not. Apparently these shows are really loud.  Blake headed out to find ear protection in hopes that would help keep him from getting scared.  Fortunately, Crosby was all about his new pair of noise silencing headphones!

For the occasion, I pulled out the overalls Blake wore when he was a little boy.  Then I found a plaid button up to go underneath.  As we were getting his shirt on, he looked down and said, "I look like Daddy!!!"  So funny.  So true!  Here is a picture of my boys before they headed out the door.  I just love Crosby's new "smile"...
I think they got a mile or 2 down the road before Blake called to tell me the little man was out!!  With his sunglasses on.  At 6:00...

Ha!  It was the end of a school day with no nap!  At least he got in a quick snooze before dinner and the truck show.  I sent the boys with a camera but a few phone shots is all I got!  Here is Crosby with his ear protection in place.  And Blake with his! ;-)...
 Can you tell how close they were???
And in case you are dying to experience it for yourself...

Crosby ended up doing GREAT once he was there.  He was a little nervous at first because it was so loud.  But he settled in quickly.  I think he was probably ready to head home by intermission.  Even he can only handle watching trucks riding in circles for so long!  Yet he got a second wind after running up and down the isles and was able to make it through the entire thing. ( I think it was about 2 hours long. )  From what I understand, the crowd was pretty interesting sight.  Blake was amazed to see how many people took the event so seriously!  I am glad I just have to take his word for it.

The next morning, Blake got up and drove down to Columbia.  They hoped in the car with Lulu and headed down to Birmingham for Gid's 5th birthday party...
Crosby with a sweet smile and Charlottle licking her fork!
Sam and Gid enjoyed the cake too!
It was a quick trip but sooooo worth it for Crosby to spend time with his cousins.  Busy but fun weekend for the Malone boys!

As for the Malone girls, we are still hanging out.  Status quo.  Thankfully no drama to report.  I only have an ultrasound report that estimates her to be 3 lbs 9 oz.  And she passed her biophysical profile with and 8/8.  She was a champ with practice breathing this week.  I will get another fetal fibrinectin on Friday.  But according to the last test, I shouldn't go into labor before then!  Yay for 31 weeks!! Aiming for 6 more.  We can do this!!

I will end with this sweet note...  Crosby comes in from church, school, CBS singing all kinds of songs.  He learned "He's got the whole world in His hands" somewhere this week.  He sang it over and over one afternoon, switching up who was in "His hands".  Blake and I made it in there with him a few times.  The most precious was hearing him say, "He's got little bitty sister in His hands..."  Melt my heart this boy!!!  I am so thankful HE does!!!

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