Monday, May 10, 2010

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 1 year and 19 weeks old!!! Let's just jump right in this week with the hot topic in Crosby's life. He got his first bloody injury! I had the little fella playing outside Wednesday afternoon. He likes to go up and down 2 deck stairs and does it all the time. On this occasion, he was standing right next to the edge of the deck. Next thing you know, his right foot slid off, his bottom goes back like he is going to sit and his head whams straight down on the edge of the step. Of course, I tried to snatch him up mid-fall but was just too slow. He looks up and as blood over his left eye. The cut seemed pretty deep and I wasn't sure if stitches would be necessary. So, I threw him in the car (with a urine soaked diaper, no shoes and a shirt full of stains from lunch...looking trashy, in other words) and headed to the pediatrician's office. I tried calling them on the way but could never get anyone to answer the medical advice line. I pulled up to the door only to realize it was closed due to flooding. Fortunately, a second office is located a few miles away and it was open. We walked in as the doors were closing but 2 doctors were gracious enough to stay and see him. After holding him down and cleaning him up, they decided the cut was just superficial enough that neither stitches nor glue was indicated. So back home we went. It looked a little better once it was cleaned up...All closed up by Day 2!
Of course Blake tells Crosby his scar is "awesome" and he looks "so cool"! He says it will go perfectly with his hockey uniform some day... Ummmm, I don't even think so. I prefer my child keep his teeth and nose intact, thank you! Even if I am the one who let this happen in the first place. It just breaks my heart to see that sweet little face all banged up!

We had a busy weekend. My mom and I went to a Mother's Day brunch at her church. We had a great time and the food was delicious. I have a new favorite recipe for carrots!!! Are you working on that, Mom???
After driving too and from Columbia, we drove out to Dickson for a birthday party. Crosby loved being in another jumping cage!

Blake was trying to help out a few neighbors so it was just the two of us. That makes it nearly impossible to get pictures. I need to grow a few more arms or something. Let's just say Crosby made himself right at home in every room of their house. And the outdoors as well!

He was saying, "Happy Birthday, Kate!!!!"

We got home from the birthday party, and Blake had the bright idea to pull out leftover Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Just what Crosby needed...after a birthday party....where he had birthday cake... Can you tell what color the icing was??

At least it wasn't blood red!!! Crosby thought it was HILARIOUS and actually smiled when I took his picture...
Of course, we all had to partake in the fun...

Too bad I didn't think to give some to Nugget!!! Oh well. That sure would have been a funny sight. Though I am sure it would not have been recommended by the vet. Then again, I am pretty sure blue dye is not recommended for humans either!
We spent Sunday with each of our moms. The Cyrs and Malones with Lucy...

Justin, Me and Cros with my mom...This has been a difficult week for Nashville and much of Middle Tennessee. The destruction is unbelievable. Pictures don't do it justice. Lots of families are hurting in our city. Please continue to pray for our community as we try and help each other pick up the pieces and rebuild lives from scratch. More to come on this topic...


Sonja said...

The pics with the blue mouths cracked me up!

Poor Crosb......first booboo and more than likely not the last if your boy is anything like mine :)

Jill Fields said...

Oh, Crosby! Poor little fella! He sure looks tough, though! And you with the are too much!

Happy Mother's Day, Friend!