Monday, September 28, 2009

Mondays With Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 39 weeks old!!! The goal was to try and take it easy this week-minimal running around. Just hanging out here at home. Between CBS, play group, small group, continuing education, grocery shopping, visiting baby Jacob, etc, it feels like my plan failed! I think this is going to be a busy fall!
On Wednesday morning, was awaken by the sound of a baby seal barking in my ear. I thought I was dreaming, staring at the monitor, trying to make sense of what I heard. I walked into Crosby's room, expecting to find a large, gray, marine mammal balancing a ball on it's nose. When I opened the door, there was none to be found. All I saw was a gummy grinning, peach-fuzz headed, baby boy sitting up in his bed. No marine life present. Then he coughed... Apparently he swallowed the seal before I could get to his room!!! Okay, so maybe the last part isn't true, but the first part is. Our little man sounded barked like a seal every time he woke up for a few days there. I called the doctor's office on Thursday. It sounded like a mild case of croup to them. Luckily, it never seemed to get much worse and I haven't heard a seal for the past 2 days!
The little guy has been moving less like a seal and has been moving around on all 4's the past 2 days. He is going to be all out crawling within the next 2 weeks, no doubt. I am afraid... We are going to have start baby proofing. I am not even sure where to begin. I know we need gates for the stairs, covers for outlets, locks for a few cabinets. I am not sure about some of the other things I have seen. Pads for tables and the bricks on the fireplace???? Toilet locks??? If anyone would like to fill me in on the "must haves, " please feel free to do so.

This is how I found him after his nap this morning!! Yikes!!! He was so proud of himself. If you look closely, you can see him smiling with his pacifier in his mouth! I have caught him doing this several times now. We will be putting his bed on the lowest setting tomorrow...on someone's 9 month birthday...


Karina said...

Babyproofing for us was kind of a fluid thing. Some things worked, at times, and others were a bust from the get-go. This is what I consider to be essential...

1. Outlet covers
2. Cabinet closures (We have cabinets that are in pairs, with round knobs that are close together. So, we used the cabinet slides, that could be easily removed, rather than the kind that have to be drilled into the cabinets.)
3. Bolting all tall or unsteady furniture to the walls.
4. We have plantation shutters, but if you have blinds with strings, the strings need to be shortened, out of reach.
5. We tried the toilet locks that have an arm that swings over the toliet cover. It was more trouble, for us, than it was worth.
6. Gates

Sarah said...

Sorry about the croup! Asher woke us up one night with that scarey seal cough except his was a pretty bad case and he couldn't seem to catch his breath. Not fun when you're a new mom with no experience of croup. Thankfully we have a great pediatrician who met us at his office at 1pm to confirm it was croup!
Note on the babyproofing--keep bathroom doors closed and then you do not need a toilet lock (read they don't really work).

Kristen said...

You can borrow the twins for 10 minutes and have a complete list of what needs babyproofing.

Jill Fields said...

Wow! This is good advice! I'm taking notes!