Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 2 years and 30 weeks old!!!  We took it easy today, leaving the house long enough to make a Kroger run.  I'm pretty sure I haven't really been to the grocery store in a few weeks. Just quick trips about 5 times a week.  There was a day when I made a weekly menu and went to the store once.  I had very good intentions of doing so today.  Then I decided the meat wasn't on sale enough for my liking and decided to hold of.  Good thing sandwiches are BOGO on Monday nights during the month of July at City Limits!  Too bad this is the last Monday in July!  At least it saved me tonight. did I get on this subject?  Oh yes, Kroger.  I need to go back.  Good thing Crosby loves Kroger.  It definitely has NOTHING to do with the free cookies at the bakery.  Or the stickers he gets at the checkout line.  And I am not talking about the smiley face stickers that let folks know we have been Krogering.  I am talking about the green stickers that say we save didn't use plastic.  He asks for those every single time.  Not the smiley faces.  Some of the cashiers have caught on and don't even bother with the smiley faces anymore!  We go to Kroger way to often.  And then there is Publix and the cookies with sprinkles.  We go there, too.  He requested Publix today but settled with their competitor. Chocolate chip was fine with him...

This week, we met up with a few of our favorite folks.  It has been so long, you may not even recognize this sweet face...
Yep!  That is the adorable Mr. Wells!  He was a big hit with Crosby, who is completely in to babies at the moment.  It is kind of precious to see him get on his belly with them, smiling and talking right in their faces.  Patting them on the back.  Requesting to hold them.  Melts my heart.  See what I mean...
So sweet.  But who wouldn't want to love on this precious babe???
Our attempt to get one of all three kiddos was a miss.  But I assure you, it doesn't get much cuter!!!
Can we get a decent one of 2 kiddos???
Nope!  You will have to take my word for it...
We went swimming at GranBuddy and Lulu's on Saturday morning.  We love it when Daddy is at the pool.  Wonder why?

He is lots of fun!  I am pretty sure he threw Crosby about 100 times.  He loves it!  However, the deputy dog is NOT a fan of horseplay...
So silly, that Nugget.  We tried to convince he no one was being injured.  He wasn't buying it!

I think I made a mistake last week.  I have heard folks say the book "Mine-o-saur" is a great read for kiddos.  We got it several months ago through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library but had put it aside.  So, the other day I decided to pull it out without reading it first.  Huge mistake!  I am pretty sure Crosby didn't even know the work "mine" until we read that book.  Now he does.  And he is using it constantly!!!  What have I done?!?  How do I fix this??  I have created a "Mine-o-saur"!!!

Crosby continues to crack me up with his love for automobiles.  We have been taking walks at night and he points out every single car we pass and tells me whose car it looks like.  He points them out while we are driving.  When we are in parking lots.  And 99% of the time, he is right...

-Nissan Murano- "Like Mrs. Courtney and LeiLei's car"
-New Honda Pilot- "Like Mrs. Jenny's car"
-Older Honda Pilot- Black "Anne Claire, Jeremy & Bobby's car"  Sliver "Like Uncle Justin and Aunt
  Katie's" car.  Varies between the 2 families if it is different color.
-2002 or older Honda Accord "Like Daddy's car"
-2003 or newer Honda Accord "Like Mommy's car"
-Impala- "Like Gigi's car" calls them "Impala"
-Truck- "Like Pop's truck" (kinda generic on trucks)
-Nissan Xterra- "Like Mrs. Jenny's car"  who knew Jenny??  He has never ridden in it and I sure didn't think he paid attention to it!  Told him it is Mr. Matt's so that is cleared up!!
-Older Honda CRV's -"Like Mrs. Danielle's car"
-Unmarked police cars-"Like Uncle Jason's car"  although this Jason isn't really his "Uncle" Jason!!
-Volvo SUV- "Like Lulu's car"  If it is white "Like Mrs. Melissa's car"  he calls them Bumbos intsead of
 Volvos!!  Funny!
-Any Minivan-"Like Mrs. Kristen's"
-Older Toyota Camary- "Like Mrs. Jaime's"  which he has only seen 1 time, this past week!
-Toyota RAV4- "Like Mrs. Kara's car"
-Honda Element- "Like Mrs. Sarah's car"

I think you get the idea.  It kills me to know just how much attention he pays to cars and trucks.  LOVES them!  And has each make and model stored in his brain along with who drives them!  Now if we could just erase the word "Mine"...

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Jill Fields said...

I don't know how to help with "mine"....Do you know how to help with "no"????