Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 month appointment

Poor baby!!! Those sad, blue eyes nearly broke my heart. I couldn't resist snapping a quick picture. At least I waited until the screaming was over and he was calmed down. Crosby Fox was none too happy over having 3 needles jammed into his thighs. He takes after me... Thankfully, the pain and tears were short-lived. He has been a pretty happy boy the rest of the day.

We left Old Harding Pediatrics with a great report! Crosby has done his fair share of growing over the past few months. He "officially" weighed 16 pounds and 12 ounces. I was sure he had hit 17 pounds but I was wrong. Just a few ounces shy! He is 27 inches long now! And that head of his is measuring 16.54 cm. So, that puts him in the 32nd percentile for weight (up from the 23rd), in the 66th percentile for height (up from the 46th) and in the 8th percentile for head circumference (DOWN from the 25th???) Hmmm...nothing was mentioned about that noggin of his. He was in the 2nd percentile at 2 weeks, 5th at 2 months, 25th at 4 months and now 8th at 6 months. I am thinking the measure might have been a little OFF the last time we were there!! I am pretty sure his head is not shrinking. If anything, it seems a bit large to us!!. That could just be the lack of hair playing with our eyes! :)

Dr. P mentioned lots of things we should be seeing now and/or in the near future. I was happy to mentally check lots of them off in my head! Well, I was happy about everything except when he mentioned that Crosby will be protesting more in the upcoming days!! We have already seen a little of this behavior and it is quite shocking! I am not ready to see more of that. I will just keep my sweet baby boy, thank you!!!

Boy am I glad to have shots behind us! Battle wounds are all we have left!! Too bad he doesn't appreciate fun band aids. :)

We go back on October 6th and were thrilled to learn that he will not be getting shots on that visit! Until then, we will just keep doing what we are doing with our long, lean, pea-head of a baby!! According to Dr. P, he is doing just fine! :)


The Maguet's said...

Oh, I could just eat him up he is so cute!! My bet is the nurse that measured his head needs glasses- it looks perfect to me! Definitely not small for his body! I can't believe how big he has gotten- what a good little eater- and now he is SITTING! Oh girl, it won't be long until he will be crawling non-stop- save up up your energy- your gonna need it!!!! Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

Anonymous said...

Growing like a weed! He's so cute, Danielle! XOXOXO~ Jill