Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching up

Seriously, I have another really good excuse for my delay in posting. As soon as our internet started working, the laptop went out! I could see our desktop from the couch but did not feel comfortable sitting up long enough to try to get something out. I can thank Blake for loving me enough to go out and buy the cheapest laptop Sams had just to keep me connected with the world. (his idea-and it works great all you mac snobs!)

As for last week. Things seemed to be going well the first of the week. Nothing really to speak of. I was feeling good, contractions were minimal, cervix looked fine on ultrasound. I started to notice the contractions pick up a bit on Friday. The trend continued on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday, my mental state was in the pits, once again. It is hard to remain positive when you feel your uterus cramping down on you multiple times an hour. Do I go in? Are these more intense? They are closer together...uggggghhhhh. Mentally draining.

I went into my appointment expecting the worst. Fortunately, my measurements were still good despite the increase in activity. I measured 3.1 cm. Dr. B gave me a new medicine to take as needed to help stop contractions, terbutaline. Having it in my possession makes me feel much better, mentally as well as physically. I know I am going to have contractions. But when they come one after another, it wears me down. It stirs fear, anxiety, stress, worry,etc. All things I don't need right now.

So, we are at 20 weeks today. It is probably best I didn't post over the weekend because I was somewhat of a wreck inside. No need to drag everyone up and down on this roller coaster with me. I am trying to be optimistic about the next 17 weeks...that seems like an eternity! As I have stated and will continue to state, we are so grateful for your willingness to pray for our family. I need it, Blake needs it, and most importantly, this little guy needs it! Go away contractions!!!!!! You are not needed right now!!!!

Oh, and if you have tried to call my cell phone, you know that it is not working right now either! You go on bedrest and all forms of communication fall apart. Sounds like a terrible joke!! I will be ordering a new cell tomorrow so bear with me. At least the home phone works! Nothing else break...please!!! And excuse my tpying if there are tons of errors. It is hard to do while laying on your side :)


Anonymous said...

Danielle, we are all totally going on this roller-coaster ride with you, invitation or not! Suited up, belts strapped, and holding on! No fear of being alone! We can take it! Thank you for continuing to gives up specifics to pray for! Jill

Carla and Daryl said...

good to catch up with you even when things aren't as positive as you'd like. prayers are still going up.

i'm having a week (more like a couple of weeks) where everything has quit working or needs to be repaired so i know how you feel. just had to get a new phone myself but that was my fault for leaving it outside to get rained on!! why does it always seem to happen in 3's for me?? well, i hope the computer and phone are it for you. have fun with your new computer!
thinking of you often!

ben wilkins said...

Hey Danielle... I think I might have an extra cell phone at home. What network are you guys on? The one I'm thinking of is for ATT. I can't remember if I gave it to my dad or not, but it's a nice phone. I can check tonight if you want to wait on ordering one. Just thought I'd offer!

Rachel said...

I hope you don't have a counter on your blog, because it would be embarrassing for you to see how many times I check it! I agree with the previous comment that once we commit to praying you through this, we are on the ride until the end. I am grateful to you for sharing and letting us be a part of your pregnancy. Don't be ashamed of getting frustrated or depressed-believe me, it won't be the first or last time that happens as a mom. Sned out a smoke signal if all else fails...we just want to be able pray for exactly what you need!!

Jennifer Hicks said...

Hey Danielle,
I know you feel like you are complaining and are on the roller coaster, but from my view you are a courageous woman with a deep faith and love for you husband and your baby. Like others have said, we are with you. We aren't going anywhere and we are glad to know what we can specific about in our prayers. Keep on posting. We'll keep on checking in on you!
Jennifer H

Carrie said...

I am so inspired by your strength. You truly amaze me. You have a big prayer team gathering in Madison, MS stretching to Meridian so I hope that brings a little more comfort knowing that so many are praying for your family.
All my love to all of your family,
Carrie Boswell Ainsworth

Anonymous said...

danielle, let's look at the 20 week mark in another way...that now you only have 20 weeks to go! i love what anonymous said...we are on this rollercoaster ride with you, invitation or not! we count it a privelege to hold you and blake and baby boy up to our Lord Jesus!!! love you all, bettie and joe

Juli Beck said...

Danielle and Blake..thanks so much for the updates...I check everyday and I am so thankful that you continue to get good news. Don't ya just love it when EVERYTHING goes out?!?! (I spent 2 hours on the interstate last week-stranded- with my 3...stupid cars!!!)Anyway, so sorry you have to remain still..I can imagine you are getting completely caught up on reading, thinking, etc. We will continue to pray that baby boy stays safe and sound where he is and that you have some peace.
Juli B.

stance. said...

hey guys, we are still praying for miracles for you and your baby. praise God because He is big enough to do this!

weemschris said...

It's Chris, your mom's friend since college. Not only am I praying, but our church prayer wall has someone every hr, every day praying. Thought you could use a laugh-re:cell phone. At my parents house I would forget to take my cell from room to room(getting fussed at for not answering), so I put it in my bathing suit top. Got in the pool swimming then heard a strange buzzing -drowned phone. ha ha
I also was put on bedrest over a month with Ty. Lori was 6 wks early. Just want to tell you when I propped up on a pillow, I went into labor with her.
Can totally relate to your spiritual journey and life is a roller coaster. The older I get the more I realize it's not about me, but totally God controlled. Love in Christ, Chris