Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tough title


One wept whose only child was dead,
Newborn, 10 years ago.
“Weep not; she is in bliss,” they said.
She answered, “Even so,

“Ten years ago was born in pain
A child, not now forlorn.
But oh, ten years ago, in vain
A mother, a mother was born.”

Alice Meynell

This poem was read during our church service on March 2, 2008. It had been three short days since our second daughter was born, 32 days short of a year since our first.

There are no diapers to change or bottles to clean. The car seat and stroller remain at the store. Toys are not scattered from room to room. From the outside looking in, we do not have children. But on the inside…


shelley and matt said...

Dear Finley and Caroline,

I think about your mom often... today, especially. Her heart overflows with love for the both of you. Today is probably a tough day for her, missing you both and wishing to hold you in her arms. Today we celebrate mothers to show them how much we love them. I know you are celebrating today in honor of your mother. She is very special. You both are blessed to have her as your mother. Finley and Caroline, we miss you tremendously.

Carla and Daryl said...

Danielle, I can only imagine what you feel on a day like today. I thought of you often today and hoped you were comforted in some way. Love, Carla

Cherri said...

I just happened to find your blog and I can't believe how similar our stories are. Let me begin by saying I am so sorry for the loss of your children. I know the heart ache. I lost a child April 7, 2007 and another October 19, 2007. It has been a long hard year. I know the feelings of anger and then the guilt when you see or hear about others being pregnant. I have been to the point where I have felt physically sick. It sounds so harsh....I am happy for them, but still so disappointed and ache to hold my precious angels. There are so many unanswered questions... my husand and I just trust and praise God.

Ginger said...

Dear sweet Danielle,
Een through such horrendous loss and grief God has given you purpose. Many suffer the loss as you do and have found comfort in you.

I pray that you will have children some day. I pray that you will make some sort of decision to adopt or help with foster children or even see a need at church where children may need a little extra attention due to a single mom raising children. I see that a lot. Mothers just don't have any time for kids anymore. I feel so positive that you would be the exact opposite. I have helped with a lot of kids. In fact, I recieved a mother's day card from Mallory this month. She is 8 now. I took care of her for her parents while her parents worked and never charged them in any way. I just wanted to take care of a baby when mine were no longer babys. They moved away but the child still sends cards and pictures. She and other sweet children like Mallory have given me many nice memories to feel good about.

You may never fill that emptiness but there are ways that God can give purpose to our lives.

I am so sorry for your sadness during holidays. You have so much to give.