Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet the pets

Meet Nugget. He is, quite possibly one of the best dogs in the world. You may ask, "Is that a miniature, short-haired German Shepherd?" The answer is, "Yes, he is." Purebred. He is one fine specimen.
Oh how we love this dog. There have been many a song sung on his behalf. Blake typically uses the tune of a song or annoying commercial and rephrases to tell a story about the dog or just to sing to him. Blake actually believes Nugget enjoys these performances?!!?? To top that off, he has approximately one billion nicknames. To list few...

Alabama National Hound, Bandit, Bumpers, Cootie Eyed Mutt, Dark Helmet, Deputy Dog, Fish Breath, Gray Muzzle, Liver Lips, Noo Noos, Nugs, Nugersley, Mr. Misty, Montana Max, Mountain Hound, Moose, Pea Head, Pugsley, Pups Mackenzie, Regal Beagle, Saddleback, Scoots, Shepherd, Super

He is our pride and joy.

Then there is Olive, the newest addition of the family. I chose to believe she is purebred Maine Coon. She is absolutely gorgeous and has the most amazing personality. Blake met her a golf course and agreed to take her home in exchange for 2 free rounds. She is the greasiest little thing you have ever seen but is so cute that it doesn't even matter.

Believe it or not, she already has a few names of her own.

Bits, Bitsy, Bitsy Boos, Bittens, Bitties, Bitty, Itsy Bitsy, Itty Bitty, Coon, Miss Kitty, Mrs. Bittens

You can expect more photos of these two in the future!


Carla and Daryl said...

awww...nugget we miss you!!!! he is one of a kind. so smart and sweet. olive is a cutie too!

Carla and Daryl said...

oh and by the seem to be pretty talented with a camera, lady!!

The Maguet's said...

Olive must be Kiski's long lost cousin! What a beautiful kitty!

Ginger said...

Hi Danielle,
Hey be careful or you just might lose Nugget. I know someone named LeAnne who fancy's Nugget. She might kidnap Nugget from you one day. Just kidding. She knows you share.
Cute pictures.
(LeAnne's mom)

Moriah said...

You should quit OT and become a photographer. I'd let you take pictures of Maverick any day!