Monday, February 8, 2010

Mondays with Crosby

At 11:24 am, Crosby Fox turned 1 year and 6 weeks old!!! At least I think that is right anyway! The past week...hmmmm. If you look at my camera, you would assume it was an uneventful week. That's not really the case though. We were pretty busy. I just didn't take many pictures of our activities. I think I am figuring out the problem. He moves now. It is getting harder and harder to take pictures of a moving target while keeping said target from injuring himself. He's pretty fast. No, not on his feet. Just on those hands and knees, which continues to be fine with me! So these are the best I've got!

On Tuesday, we made our trek to Calvert's for Crosby's final panel picture. Needless to say, I have relaxed a little on having his pictures made the day he turns 3/6/9/12 months! Seeing how he was greater than 13 months the day of his picture. I will say a slight delay was intentional due to his forever long cold. I didn't want a snotty nose in his 12 month picture. But he hasn't been snotty for weeks now, thank goodness!!!

Of course he had another outfit made my Lulu....

Blake got to make the trip this time. I think he was shocked to see the place and how quickly the photo shot went. **Please note the wispy hairs growing off the right side of my head...we will revisit that...**

On Thursday, I helped give a shower for a very special girl. Jill is going to be having a baby girl. She will be Ann Cortner! We are VERY excited for Jill and Billy and can't wait to meet their little one! You may know Jill as the Ultimate Commenter. And that she is. I would put up a picture of Jill but I am fairly certain she would never forgive me for posting a picture of the banner we had made especially for the shower... I just leave it at that. You just let me know, Jill. I will post it if you'd like!!! ;)

These were the only 2 fellas that made an appearance at the big event. Perd and Crosby spent a few hours together so I could do something other than chase Crosby around all night!

Boy, he was happy to be surrounded by a room full of women. Especially Miss Charlotte!!!

Friday night, we left Crosby behind and spent the evening with all of Blake's cousins and their wives/husbands. Too bad Sarah Jane and Craig had to take off before we could take the picture!! We had a great time hanging out with everyone...
We went to a Super Bowl party last night. I had the camera with me. I had intentions of taking pictures for this very reason. Yet, I took not a one!

So, here we are tonight! Our kitchen is hardly big enough for 2 people to work in. We manage to squeeze in 2 more "helpers" every night. One waits impatiently for any and every crumb that may hit the floor. The other likes to pull all utensils out of the cabinet! Such helpful "helpers"...

And I had to snap a few pictures of the wild man after his bath. We can hardly keep him still long enough to lotion him up, apply Desitin as needed, secure a diaper and put on PJ's. He hates being still these days and has really started to protest. We have just started following him will all the equipment mentioned above just to avoid a fit. These are the sort of G rated pictures. Blake said no cracks were allowed...although it is the cutest bum I have ever seen...

Ripping diapers off the shelf!!

Sitting in the pile of diapers...Threw off his towel and headed in the opposite direction! Oh, this child. All boy. And I am thinking he is going to a very strong willed boy! Great! I think I feel a separate post coming. Yea, I do. So all you mom's get ready to offer advice... :)

**Back to those wispy hairs... So weird, those hairs. It is like they appeared out of no where. I woke up one morning and thought Blake had cute bangs in my sleep!!! I mean, couldn't he just tell me he wanted me to have bangs? He says that didn't happen. But, seriously, I woke up with a patch of baby hairs growing on either side of my head. I have heard it happens after pregnancy but never experienced it in the past and assumed I was spared. Guess not!!


Melissa said...

I love the last picture of Crosby--what a precious face!!!

Bre said...

I always heard about baby hairs too. I haven't got them yet but I guess I still can. I have seen many moms get those. Pretty weird. Is it hormonal?

Ashlee said...

I have the baby hairs too, Danielle! I lost tons of hair for around 3 months. Guess that is where it came from!

Jill Fields said...


Sorry to all of those who are now curious...let's just say it's a picture of me but with a baby's body...I'm not sure, though, I think it's a bit pornographic for this precious blog. (And if you know me and saw the picture, you'd be saying, "Um, that is NOT Jill's bottom!"

Ok, so I was wondering about those wispy side hairs, too, because I have some! They just appeared this week as a matter of fact. I have to use the flat iron to get them to stay put! What in the world?!?!

Nekkid Crosby is the cutest thing ever, and I have to say..what a little personality he is getting! I mean, seriously, he is a charmer in the making! All those kisses, sign me up!!!

Kristen said...

We were just at Calvert's last week playing with that same ball! Amazing, how Scottie can get them to cooperate! I got my baby hairs when I stopped nursing!?!?!