Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah...I'm good!!!

If you can't tell, I am quite proud of myself. Another project is in full force. This time it is the outdoor lights. We had lovely, little, brass fixtures. They were probably put up when the house was built in 90 something. It was pretty obvious, as they were tarnished and flaking. A couple would even flip upside down with the wind. Classy!
It was time for a change. But, lights can be expensive. Thanks to a friend, who I will name "Debbie Discount " in an attempt to protect her identity, got me an AMAZING deal. When she totalled everything up, she couldn't believe the price. Debbie's deal allowed me to get 7 lights for the price for 2! I was thrilled. It is all about who you know, people! I am clearly in the know on this deal!
The most impressive part is the installation of the lights! I didn't have an electrician come out. Blake was at work. It was just me, Nugget and Olive. They are no help, so I just did it myself. That's right fellas...ALL by myself. Bet you didn't know I was so handy. I owe that to my dad!
I am pleased with the outcome. Blake will have a nice surprise when he gets off!!!

Front Door (before)

Front Door (after)

A closer look!

Back Porch

Side Door (bulb needs to be changed, I know, but I had to make sure it works)

Little Brassy was in every location before these went up. We, or I :), have one more to install but it is on order. It looks just like the one at the side door, in case you were wondering. There are 2 more to put up inside but I will save that for another day. More, yet, to do! Not bad for an afternoon. I may not have made any money. But I am pretty sure my skills saved us a few dollars.
I would be willing to install for the general public at a nominal rate. However, I am not insured and cannot guarantee your house won't burn down...
Thanks Deb! Your the best! My services are free to you ;)!


Shelley said...

WOW! Danielle, why am I not surprised? I have decided that I am going to hire you to decorate my entire house... and maybe change a couple of fixtures while you are there (you know which ones)! I agree you are good...AND better than me.

Ginger said...

I like the looks of this! You have great taste and lots of energy too from all accounts.

Keep up the good work.

Ginger in Columbus, MS

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you somethin'!!!! Great job! I don't think that I would have even attempted that... much less been successful. Your home looks BEAUTIFUL!!!